FOR 40+

Like the rest of your body, your eyes change as you age.

Our favorite restaurants have become too dark, and they’ve made the menus a lot less readable. Making out the ingredients on the containers of the slow-cooking oats and quinoa in the grocery store has become tiring.

In clinical terms, visual multi-tasking for far, near and intermediate distances has become difficult. If anyone has ever mentioned “emerging presbyopia” to you, this is what they are referring to. After the age of 35, our eyes may often have difficulty readjusting for different focal distances. And being tethered to a screen many hours a day doesn’t help one bit!

There is a silver lining: You don’t need to switch between three pairs of glasses anymore.

Orthokeratology offers you many different choices about how you would like your vision to work best for you and your lifestyle.

OrthoK lenses are custom contact lenses designed by Dr. Chen to only be worn while you sleep, allowing you to see near and far during your waking hours without needing to find your glasses.

Today, make your complimentary consultation to meet Dr. Chen for more information on how OrthoK can make your life much easier.

P.S. Yes, we made the font on this page a little larger than the rest of the site, because we figured that if you are on this page, you probably misplaced your reading glasses for the 50th time today.

woman switching glasses
woman petting cat and watching tv
a woman putting in contacts for Ortho-K treatment
a woman in bed dreaming
woman taking out her Ortho-K contacts