OrthoK Patient Testimonials:

Life-Changing, Surgery-Free Vision Correction!

There are few things we enjoy more in life than seeing a patient’s smile after our OrthoK therapy has freed them from having to wear glasses throughout the day.

Our own Yung-Han Chen, O.D., isn’t just an attentive eye doctor, he’s an expert in fitting orthokeratology lenses— custom designed rigid contact lenses — to gently reshape patients’ corneas while they sleep and remove upon waking. This corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to eliminate their need for glasses or contacts.

We’ve spent years crafting an exceptional OrthoK patient experience for children and adults alike, and the results have been exceptional patient outcomes and incredibly high patient satisfaction rates. See for yourself what a difference Orthokeratology has made in our patients’ lives.


Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

Dr. Rozenberg suggested Ortho Keratology (Ortho-K) to me 8 years ago, and I’ve been enjoying their benefits ever since! He really put me at ease about the transition to rigid lenses and answered all of my questions when I was getting started. He continues to give me ongoing, reliable care when needed. I highly recommend Dr. Rozenberg for anyone considering or interested in custom contact lenses!

– Julia B.

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

My vision continues to improve with the second set of Ortho-K lenses. Distance is near perfect when it’s sunny out, and I’m writing this email without glasses. Amazing.

– Jeff

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

Ethan has been so lucky to have these lenses he wears only at night! It really helped his dance since he is not worrying about wearing glasses or soft lenses. In only one year wearing it, he now has 20/20 vision.

Dr. Stephen Rozenberg is awesome. Highly recommend this doctor for this procedure.

Thank you!

– Ethan’s Mom

Dear Dr. Chen,

Recently decided to get ortho k lens and glad I went with 10/10 optics / orthoK NYC. Dr. Chen was thorough and explained the process step by step. He made sure that I was aware of what he was doing and the reason why. Dr. Chen was covid conscious and kept his mask on the entire time. He even called me days before my vacation to ensure that my lens were okay and to answer any questions I had. Betty taught me how to insert, clean, and take out my lens She was patient and was happy to reexplain the process several times with me.

Easy to make an appointment and reschedule if needed. Would definitely recommend.


– Grace An

Dear Dr. Chen,

My daughter started Ortho-K with 10/10 Optics in 2016, when she was about 13/14 year old. We shopped around and decided to go with the customized lense design option offered by 10/10 Optics. It has been 6 years, my daughter never had any problem. She loved to be able to go without glasses or contact lenses during the day and only wear the Ortho-K lenses when sleeping at night. Recently she had a check up with Dr. Chen. Good news is that her original design still works. And the lenses lasted years. Although the initial cost is higher than other solutions, she hasn’t needed to pay for glasses or contact lenses. This is definitely a value solution and we are happy with 10/10 optics’ service. Dr. Chen is very skilled and has good bedside manner. We highly recommend it.