1: OrthoK Consultation:

Discussion and explanation of Orthokeratology as well as an opportunity to ask any questions. We will review fees and timing associated with moving forward. After this evaluation, pending Dr. Chen’s assessment, we will then decide together the best way to proceed.

2: OrthoK Assessment fitting ($250 fee towards agreement):

Dr. Chen will gather data to determine that Orthokeratology will be a successful solution for vision improvement.  This will consist of accurately capturing the shape of your cornea (topography), prescription analysis, health of your anterior segment (front of the eye), and revisiting your goals and lifestyle needs, to then confirm that Orthokeratology is right for you.

3: Orthokeratology Agreement:

Discussing terms and conditions of moving forward. This will cover the details and obligations of completing a successful Orthokeratology experience.

4: Your OrthoK lenses are ready!

An appointment will be made for you to receive your new OrthoK lenses. You will learn how to wear as well as care for them. Dr. Chen will then confirm that your lenses are fitting properly. During this visit, we will also schedule your next followup appointment.

Q: Have you been fit for OrthoK elsewhere and need Ortho-k care?

OrthoK Consultation for Experienced Wearer

If you currently wear OrthoK lenses, please bring them to your consultation. It is helpful for you to also provide previous eye exam records and any information you may have regarding the lenses although it is not required for the consultation.
Helpful data;

  • Previous Refraction before starting OrthoK
  • Corneal shape information right before starting OrthoK
  • Lens parameters and brand if applicable.